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Smiley Face Pendant

  • $4.00
Would you like to add gift wrapping?

Add a pinch of fun to your piece with these smiley charms.

Each pendant is made by threading a 5mm polymer clay smiley face bead onto a sterling silver or 14K gold fill pin and hand-twisted the wire around your piece. You can choose to add your charm to any necklace, bracelet or anklet or to our Simple 15mm Hoops.

We can make your charm so that it's fixed onto your jewellery or so that it's interchangeable. Fixed charms will be attached to your piece with a smaller jump ring whereas changeable charms are made with a hoop large enough to slide on and off any necklace, bracelet or anklet or our Simple 15mm Hoops.

Please note that changeable charms are only compatible with necklaces, bracelets and anklets made to order after the 1st Feb 2022.