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The Gemstone Necklace

  • $72.00
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Introducing The Gemstone Necklace — hand-threaded with ethically mined and processed beads sourced from a supplier that shares our values of sustainability.

Available in five gorgeous stones: Turquoise, Watermelon Tourmaline, Emerald, Pink Opal and Ruby.

Turquoise: The classic turquoise shades of bluey greens. Micro-faceted 2.25mm beads from Mexico.

Watermelon Tourmaline: A striking combination of pinks, greens and ambers. Micro-faceted 2.25mm AAA beads from Africa.

Emerald: Shaded emerald greens, from light to bright to deep. Micro-faceted 2.75mm beads from Brazil.

Pink Opal: Opal stones in shaded pink tones, from subtle hints of pink to dusty rose colours. Micro-faceted 2.25mm AAA beads from Peru.

Ruby: Shaded rubies in beautiful reds and pinks. Micro-faceted 2.75mm beads from Africa.

You can choose from a 100% silk or a coated stainless steel thread for this piece of jewellery. The silk thread is completely natural and has a beautiful drape. The coated stainless steel thread offers a waterproof and more durable alternative that creates a structured feel to your jewellery.